The Anthology

The Anthology

The Anthology

One of the world's finest rock and blues guitarist players is showcased on this feast of satisfying performances, chosen and selected by Alvin from his own archives. Some of the tracks are "live" performances, capturing the full excitement of the fretboard wizard in action, while others are from Alvin's solo albums like "1994", "In Flight" and "Pump Iron". Mr. Lee sings and plays from the heart, an attitude exemplified by a marathon version of his boogie anthem "I'm Going Home".


CD 1
01. Keep On Rockin’
02. Wake Up Moma
03. On The Road To Freedom
04. Play It Like It Used To Be
05. Real Life Blues
06. Back In My Arms Again
07. Ain’t Nobody’s Business
08. Long Legs
09. Put It In A Box
10. Boogie All Day
11. Love Like A Man
12. Jenny Jenny
13. Love The Way You Rock Me
14. The Bluest Blues
CD 2
01. Shot In The Dark
02. My Baby’s Come Back
03. You Told Me
04. Madness
05. Hear Me Calling
06. Let It Rock
07. I Don’t Give A Damn
08. Midnight Special
09. Help Me Baby
10. I’m Going Home

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: REP4970
  • Format: 2CD (Jewel Case)

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