The Anthology (Volume 2)

The Anthology (Volume 2)

The Anthology (Volume 2)

This eagerly awaited second volume of the Alvin Lee ‘Anthology’ features a 2CD set packed with great songs and exciting musicianship. Among the 27 tracks are highlights of some of Alvin’s best albums - such as ‘Rocket Fuel’, ‘Pump Iron’, ‘In Flight’ and ‘Ride On’. There are also songs from equally important albums ‘RX5’, ‘In Tennessee’, ‘Detroit Diesel’, ‘Zoom’ and ‘1994’. In an exclusive new interview for the CD liner notes, Alvin Lee talks about the songs and the albums and discusses the highlights of a fascinating life. This comprehensive collection is a must for all fans of the guitarist and for all those who love rock and the bluest blues.


CD 1
01. Gonna Turn You On
02. Detroit Diesel
03. Friday The 13th
04. Trucking Down The Other Way
05. Rock n’ Roll Guitar Picker
06. Midnight Special
07. Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’
08. I’m Gonna Make It
09. I’m Writing You A Letter
10. Can’t Sleep At Night
11. One More Chance
12. Burnt Fungus
13. I’ve Got Eyes For You Baby
14. Slow Down
CD 2
01. Time And Space
02. Talk Don’t Bother Me
03. Ride On Cowboy
04. Can’t Stop
05. Getting Nowhere Fast
06. All Life’s Trials
07. Wake Up Momma
08. The Darkest Night
09. It’s Alright Now
10. Carry My Load
11. Got To Keep Moving
12. Somebody Callin’ Me
13. The Bluest Blues

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: REP5101
  • Format: 2CD (Slip Case)

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