‘Saguitar', is packed with bluesy vocals and dazzling guitar work. Alvin says the album ‘celebrates the sheer fun of making music’. After decades on the road with Ten Years After and the Alvin Lee Band, the guitarist now prefers to play a few festivals and concerts, in between spending time in the studio. Explains Alvin: “The album reflects what I’ve been doing for the past two years, enjoying myself and making music.” Among the guest musicians on ‘Saguitar’ is keyboard player Tim Hinkley, a veteran of Alvin’s past projects and one time leader of Jody Grind. He appears on the atmospheric ‘Motel Blues’, one of the highlights of this 14 track album. A surprise item is ‘Rapper’, a track built up from various drum loops. Says Alvin: “I did my own drum fills and laid some hot guitar over the top. It’s a rap song which people have said is fantastic.” ‘Saguitar’ is named in honour of Alvin’s star sign Sagittarius, and he feels the title reflects his musical personality. “A Sagittarian is supposed to be outgoing. He’s symbolised by a man’s head and torso on a horse holding a bow and arrow. Just like me!”


01. Anytime U Want Me
02. The Squeeze
03. It’s Time To Play
04. Midnite Train
05. Motel Blues
06. Only Here For The Ride
07. Memphis
08. Got A Lot Of Living To Do
09. Blues Has Got A Hold Of Me
10. It’s All Good
11. Education
12. Rapper
13. Smoking Rope
14. Rocking Rendezvous

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  • Catalogue Number: RAR1004
  • Format: CD (Slip Case)

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