Still on the Road to Freedom

Still on the Road to Freedom

Still on the Road to Freedom

Alvin Lee shocked his fans by stepping off the rock’n’roll treadmill in 1972 and recording the down-home Americana album ‘On The Road To Freedom’ with gospel singer Mylon le Fevre. He was looking for ‘freedom from the long tour schedules playing every night (with Ten Years After) in huge arenas where the sound echoed like a freight shed’. His latest, ’Still On The Road To Freedom’, is another landmark album, 13 songs picked from over double that number written in the four years since last release ‘Saguitar’. They set Lee’s compass for his musical future and revisit his musical past, travelling back to the Fifties, up to the present day, then going full circle to Ten Years After with ‘Love Like A Man 2’. The material is varied, yet has a common thread that typifies the ever-progressive, ever-innovative nature of one of Britain’s premier rock guitarists, singers and songwriters. ’Still On The Road To Freedom’ is a statement that, 43 years on from Woodstock, he has fuel in his tank and freedom in his sights. A BRAND NEW ALBUM FROM THE GUITAR LEGEND. This 2012 release is the natural progression to the highly successful ‘On The Road To Freedom’ from 1973. Similar in style and spirit to the original, it’s classic rock, with excellent musicianship from one of the UK’s foremost guitar heroes. Expertly mastered by Jon Astley (The Who, Led Zeppelin, George Harrison). Superb sound – the best in the business!


01. Still On The Road To Freedom
02. Listen To Your Radio Station
03. Midnight Creeper
04. Save My Stuff
05. I’m A Lucky Man
06. Walk On, Walk Tall
07. Blues Got Me So Bad
08. Song Of The Red Rock Mountain
09. Nice & Easy
10. Back In 69
11. Down Line Rock
12. Rock You
13. Love Like A Man 2

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  • Catalogue Number: REP 5223
  • Format: CD (Jewel Case)

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