20th Century Blues - LP

20th Century Blues - LP

Whooping, howling, slipping and a-sliding’ - and that’s just the guitar player! Yes, here is another outing by British virtuoso Robin Trower expressing a whole gamut of emotions. It’s left to singer Livingstone Brown to match the passion with his very human voice on an album that really captures the spirit of the blues. First released in 1994, this was the album fans claimed was Trower’s best since the days of ‘Bridge Of Sighs’ that launched his career in the Seventies. Our 12 track CD contains such spirited performances as ‘Prisoner Of Love’ and the ultra slow and menacing ‘Extermination Blues’. More funky tracks like ‘Step Into The Dark’ lighten the mood, while ‘Chase The Bone’ shows Trower getting up to speed. Remastered on 180g vinyl


1. 20th Century Blues
2. Prisoners Of Love
3. Precious Gift
4. Whisper Up A Storm
5. Extermination Blues
6. Step Into The Dark

1. Rise Up Like The Sun
2. Secret Place
3. Chase The Bone
4. Promise You The Stars
5. Don’t Lose Faith In Tomorrow
6. Reconsider Baby

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: V266
  • Format: Single Sleeve LP

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