Turn of the Cards (Vinyl LP)

Turn of the Cards (Vinyl LP)

Stunning vocals and superb musicianship were the hallmarks of Renaissance, the supreme art rock band of the Seventies. With Annie Haslam as lead vocalist, the group had a great advantage over most other bands whose singers lacked her finesse and purity of tone.

‘Turn Of The Cards’ was their fifth album, recorded and released in 1974. The band’s superb vocal harmonies and top class musicianship is in evidence on this six track collection of distinctive songs.

Many connoisseurs regard such extended works as ‘Running Hard’ and the ‘Mother Russia’ suite to be amongst their finest works, and John Tout’s rhapsodic piano playing is another highlight of this gem of an album.

Expertly remastered for LP – superb sound – top quality reproduction on 180g vinyl.


Side One
1. Running Hard
2. I Think Of You
3. Things I Don’t Understand

Side Two
4. Black Flame
5. Cold Is Being
6. Mother Russia

Originally released as (UK) BTM 1000, ℗1974

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: V133 / REP 2238
  • Format: 180g Vinyl LP

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