REMASTERED 180g VINYL IN STEREO WITH MATT FINISH GATEFOLD SLEEVE The extremely rare second album by the original version of Renaissance was made before founder members Jim McCarty and Keith Relf abruptly quit the band in 1971. Their aim was to abandon the classical and folk style they had once embraced and return to hard rock mode. However, this six-track LP retains the melodic mood of their early work with Renaissance. It boasts many attractive songs with lyrics by the Cornish poet Betty Thatcher, notably on such pieces as ‘Love Is All’ and ‘Past Orbits Of Dust’. The association with Thatcher continued onwards, and it was not long before Renaissance was reborn with new singer Annie Haslam - but meanwhile, here is a fascinating glimpse into the origins of a creative musical dynasty.


Side One
1. Love Goes On
2. Golden Thread
3. Love Is All
4. Mr. Pine
Side Two
1. Face Of Yesterday
2. Past Orbits Of Dust
First released as (UK) Island HELP, ℗1971

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: V108 / REP 2213
  • Format: 180g Vinyl LP

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