Scheherazade (Vinyl LP)

Scheherazade (Vinyl LP)

A classical rock concept album, first released in 1975 and featuring the wonderful vocals of Annie Haslam, performing songs inspired by Rimsky-Korsakov’s ‘Scheherazade’, as well as other charming folk/jazz flavoured songs like ‘Trip To The Fair’. Renaissance took their move towards orchestral music to the ultimate conclusion with the creation of this homage to the ‘Tales Of The Arabian Nights’. With a string section supporting the regular band, there are many musical delights to savour.

The line-up features John Tout (keyboards), John Camp (bass), Terence Sullivan (drums) and Michael Dunford (acoustic guitars and vocals), augmented by strings arranged by Tony Cox.

Annie Haslam’s voice is at its most beautiful on the yearning ‘Trip To The Fair’, but it is the nine-part ‘Song Of Scheherazade’ that stretches the capabilities of the musicians as they embark on a classical odyssey, as fascinating as the tales the Princess told the Sultan during her ‘1001 Nights’. John Tout’s piano playing is superb throughout, and the production by David Hitchcock ensures that this is gripping and ambitious musical entertainment with timeless appeal.

Expertly remastered for LP – superb sound – top quality reproduction on 180g vinyl.


Side One
1. Trip To The Fair
2. The Vultures Fly High
3. Ocean Gypsy

Side Two
1. Song Of Scheherazade
i. Fanfare
ii. The Betrayal
iii. The Sultan
iv. Love Theme
v. The Young Prince And Princess As Told By Scheharazade
v. Festival Preparations
vii. Fugue For The Sultan
viii. The Festival
ix. Finale

Originally released as (UK) BTM 1006, ℗1975

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: V132 / REP 2237
  • Format: 180g Vinyl LP

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