Angst In My Pants

Angst In My Pants

Angst In My Pants

Brothers Ron and Russell Mael from Los Angeles first hit the spotlight in 1974 with their international smash 'This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us'. Their album 'Angst In My Pants' recorded in 1982 showed the band in peak condition offering an entertaining mixture of highly danceable tunes and witty lyrics. Includes the singles 'I Predict’(#60 USA) and ‘Eaten By The Monster Of Love’.


01. Angst In My Pants

02. I Predict

03. Sextown USA

04. Sherlock Holmes

05. Nicotina

06. Mickey Mouse

07. Moustache

08. Instant Weight Loss

09. Tarzan And Jane

10. The Decline And Fall Of Me

11. Eaten By The Monster Of Love

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: REP4760
  • Format: CD (Jewel Case)

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