Son of My Father

Son of My Father

Son of My Father

Original early-1970s release by legendary disco/soundtrack producer GIORGIO MORODER. Available on CD for the first time. The LP was named after the song that became a massive 70s UK chart-topper by Chicory Tip - Moroder’s own version made the US Top 50. In essence, the album is a very much a compilation of As & B-sides from 1971 -72, with the addition of 10 bonus tracks, including single versions from the period and rare Italian versions. ‘Tears’ was sampled by DJ Shadow on his 1996 release ‘Organ Donor’ In-depth liner notes by ‘Record Collector ‘journalist Michael Heatley. Expertly remastered – superb sound - top quality reproduction. The best in the business!


01. Son Of My Father
02. Automation
03. London Traffic
04. Underdog
05. Spanish Disaster
06. Lord Release Me
07. Pauline
08. Watch Your Step
09. That’s How I See Her
10. Tears
Tracks 1- 10 originally released on LP (USA) ABC Records, P. 1972
Bonus Tracks:
11. Today’s A Tomorrow (Single A-side, Germany, Hansa 12157, P. 1972)
12. I’m Free Now (Single A-side, Germany, Hansa 10403, P. 1971)
13. Tu Sei Mio Padre (Italian Version of ‘Son Of My Father’ Single A-side, Italy, Ricordi International, SIR HS 20164, P. 1972)
14. Non Ci Sto (Italian Version of ‘Underdog’, Single B-side, Italy, Ricordi International, SIR HS 20164, P. 1972)
15. Take it, Shake it, Break My Heart (Single A-side, Germany, Hansa 12369, P. 1972)
16. Everybody Join Hands (Single B-side of ‘London Traffic’, Germany, Ariola 10643, P. 1972)
17. Son Of My Father (Part 1) (Mono version) (Single A-side, Spain, Ariola 14983, P. 1972)
18. Underdog (Mono version) GIORGIO (Single A-side, Spain, Ariola 14909, P. 1972)
19. Watch Your Step (Mono version) GIORGIO (Single B-side, Spain, Ariola 14909, P. 1972)
20. Son Of My Father (Part 2 – Instrumental) (Mono version) (Single B-side, Spain, Ariola 14983, P. 1972)

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: REP 5291
  • Format: CD (Digipak)

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