1967 - Live in Stockholm & Offenbach

1967 - Live in Stockholm & Offenbach

  • Limited edition translucent orange vinyl
  • The Yardbirds live in 1967
  • The legendary English rock group featuring seminal performances by Jimmy Page
  • Remastered performances live from the Stockholm Concert Hall, Sweden and German TV show ‘Beat Beat Beat’
  • New liner notes by Chris Welch
1967 - what a wonderful year! It heralded the Summer of Love when hippies roamed the streets of London clad in kaftans and beads and Flower Power ruled. It was also a year of artistic development when the Yardbirds became an important part of the coming rock revolution. The R&B group fronted by singer Keith Relf and guitarist Jimmy Page had undergone many changes over the years but remained at the forefront of innovation, before they split in July 1968. While they spent most of their final years together touring the US they also visited Europe, where the historic recordings on this marvellous 12-track LP captured them in full flow. Here they perform classics like ‘Shapes Of Things’, ‘Over, Under, Sideways, Down’ and ‘I’m A Man’ on German TV show Beat! Beat! Beat! in March 1967 and another eight versions of these and other songs like ‘Heart Full Of Soul’, ‘Little Games’ and ‘My Baby’ recorded at the famed Konserthuset in Stockholm in April that year. It’s a special thrill to hear the pre-Led Zeppelin-era Jimmy Page rockin’ out on ‘Under, Over, Sideways, Down’, while Keith, Jim McCarty (drums) and Chris Dreja (bass) show just how exciting the band was live. Unmissable and vital vinyl to have and to hold – and to hear.


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  • Catalogue Number: V293
  • Format: 180g Translucent Orange Vinyl

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