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In glorious original Mono sound by Jon Astley (who has worked on recordings by the Who, Led Zeppelin, George Harrison and many others).

180g VINYL

LP COVER WITH CUSTOM REPLICA RETRO ‘AGED/VINTAGE’ FINISH: 2-part construction with laminated front, fold-over flaps and ‘crushed’ spine. Custom finished and hand-glued to look exactly like a typical early 60s style LP.

Our ’vintage‘ packages are bespoke and original, and perfectly replicate the LPs from the 1960s period, with exceptional scanning, detailed reproduction of artwork and printing to original specifications.

This LP is faithfully replicated to look like it has survived the decades (only with a newly remastered crackle-free LP within!)

This superb Zombies debut album, that was originally released in 1965 on Decca, features all the original 14 tracks, with no fillers, just as originally intended and raved about back in the golden 60s Beat era.

A British 60s classic that looks totally fab and sounds truly brilliant. And all this at the fraction of the cost of an expensive original!


01. Road Runner
02. Summertime
03. I Can’t Make Up My Mind
04. The Way I Feel Inside
05. Work ’N’ Play
06. You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me
07. She’s Not There
08. Sticks And Stones
09. Can’t Nobody Love You
10. Woman
11. I Don’t Want To Know
12. I Remember When I Loved Her
13. What More Can I Do
14. I Got My Mojo Working

First released on the Decca label, (UK) LK 4679, p.1965

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: V 101 M/REP 2205
  • Format: Vinyl LP Custom Package

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