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One of the most exciting bands of the British Blues Boom era, Steamhammer was powered up by guitarist Martin Pugh and vocalist Kieran White. After gaining a reputation for steaming 'live' performances they were signed to CBS and released 'Reflection' their debut album in 1969.

It's packed with dynamic performances, including 'Junior's Wailing' - a track released as a Steamhammer single that became a hit in Germany. It was also successfully covered by Status Quo. Also among the 11 tracks on the CD are versions of B.B.King's 'You'll Never Know' and Eddie Boyd's 'Twenty Four Hours' and a two part arrangement called 'Water', that introduces and completes a satisfying album.

There were more albums and tours to come from Steamhammer and quite a few personnel changes before they finally broke up in 1975. 'Reflection' gives us a chance to reflect on the origins of these fondly remembered Bluesicians.


01. Water (Part 1)
02. Junior's Wailing
03. Love You Too
04. She Is The Fire
05. You'll Never Know
06. Even The Clock
07. Down The Highway
08. On Your Road
09. Twenty-Four Hours
10. When All Your Friends Are Gone
11. Water (Part 2)

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  • Catalogue Number: REP5187
  • Format: CD (Digisleeve)

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