Tomorrow Never Comes - The Anthology 1969/2006

Tomorrow Never Comes - The Anthology 1969/2006

Tomorrow Never Comes - The Anthology 1969/2006

When romantic, evocative lyrics are matched to sensuous melodies and performed by sensitive musicians, the results are invariably quality performances with timeless appeal. That sums up the output of Magna Carta, one of the best-loved British folk rock groups of the recent past.

This definitive compilation comprises 38 tracks that span the years from 1969 to 2006. They represent the most productive eras of the group and this ‘must have’ double CD set includes their best known songs from a plethora of fine albums, including ‘Magna Carta’, ‘Seasons’, ‘Songs From Wasties Orchard’ and ‘Lord Of The Ages’.

Informative CD liner notes include an in-depth interview with singer/songwriter Chris Simpson, who describes the evolution of his critically acclaimed group and the inspiration behind many of the songs. CD cover by the legendary Roger Dean.


CD 1
01. Midwinter

02. Airport Song

03. Elisabethan

04. Autumn Song / Epilogue

05. Time For The Leaving

06. Sponge

07. Wayfarin’

08. Roll On

09. Wish It Was

10. Two Old Friends

11. Father John

12. Isn’t It Funny (And Not A Little Bit Strange)

13. Nothing So Bad (It CAn’t Get Better)

14. Mixed Up Sensations / Old Man

15. I’m Gonna Take You Down

16. You Are Only What You Are

17. Stop Bringing Me Down

18. One Man’s Heaven

19. You And I

20. Forever

CD 2
01. Slowbone

02. Love On The Wire

03. Visions In A Crowd

04. Putting It Back Together

05. Highway To Spain

06. Danny

07. Wild Geese

08. Sting Of The Gin

09. Wind On The Water

10. Midnight Blue

11. Blues For A Long Road Home

12. For The Gypsy

13. Pictures In My Pillow

14. No Truth In The Rumour

15. Winterlude / Ulysses

16. Greenfields

17. Columbus

18. Seasons In The Tide

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: REPUK1103
  • Format: 2CD (Digipak)

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