As this fascinating 1970 album shows, Black Widow was far more sophisticated and musically advanced than contemporaries Black Sabbath. Strongly influenced by jazz, their imaginative songs are enhanced by the extensive use of flute, saxophone, organ and clarinet. The group from the English Midlands comprised Jim Gannon (lead guitar), Zoot Taylor (organ, piano), Kip Trevor (vocals) Clive Jones (flute, sax, clarinet), Bob Bond (bass Guitar) and Clive Box (drums). Gannon composed all the tunes featured on this debut album, with its controversial Black Magic theme. It was engineered by Queen producer Roy Tom Baker. ‘Sacrifice’ provides a grand finale, and their best-known stage number, ‘Come To The Sabbat’ is included, also in single version.


01. In Ancient Days (07:39)
02. Way To Power (03:55)
03. Come To The Sabbat (04:54)
04. Conjuration (05:40)
05. Seduction (05:36)
06. Attack Of The Demon (05:36)
07. Sacrifice (11:11)

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  • Catalogue Number: REP4967
  • Format: CD (Digipak)

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