This was the Leicester based progressive rockers’ last (and some say finest) album, that was released in 1971 to rave reviews throughout Europe. On this set of dynamic performances, John Culley (guitarist, ex-Cressida) replaced founder member Jim Gannon, but the group retained their original lead singer. Although initially caught up in the black magic cult that briefly influenced rock fashions and trends in the early Seventies, Black Widow moved away from that scene and began to develop their own image and sound, with an album long considered a collector’s item. The six tracks (including the 3-part ‘The Battle’) had a profound influence on the future development of rock and metal, and this album still retains its power to excite.


01. The Battle

a. The Onslaught
b. If A Man Should Die
c. Survival

02. Accident
03. Lonely Man
01. The Sun
02. King Of Hearts
03. Old Man

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: V253
  • Format: 180g Vinyl LP

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