Black Widow

Black Widow

Black Widow

A charismatic progressive rock band from Leicester, England, Black Widow were considered to be a major rivals to Black Sabbath when they first emerged in 1970. Starring Jim Gannon (guitar/vocals) and Kip Trevor (vocals), the group was born out a soul outfit called Pesky Gee! formed in 1966, but they switched to a heavier image, more suited to the Seventies. Influenced by the prevailing interest in black magic, the band recorded the highly controversial single ‘Come To The Sabbat’, which appeared on the classic CBS sampler albums ‘Fill Your Head With Rock’ and ‘Rock Buster’. ‘Black Widow’ was the group’s second album. Highly sought after, it was first released in 1971 and marked a move away from black magic themes to focus on distinctive and interesting prog rock music. We have included 2 bonus tracks, featuring both sides of a rare single.


01. Tears And Wine (08:56)
02. The Gypsy (04:31)
03. Bridge Passage (00:30)
04. When My Mind Was Young (05:08)
05. The Journey (05:52)
06. Poser (07:43)
07. Mary Clark (04:06)
08. Wait Until Tomorrow (03:24)
09. An Afterthought (01:10)
10. Legend Of Creation (05:52)

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  • Catalogue Number: REP5064
  • Format: CD (Digisleeve)

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