All the Falling Angels - Solo Recordings & Collaborations 1965-1976

All the Falling Angels - Solo Recordings & Collaborations 1965-1976

  • 2 LP set gatefold
  • 180gram vinyl
  • Cut at Abbey Road, London
  • Total playing time: approx: 68 mins
  • First ever collection of solo recordings by Keith Relf former lead singer of The Yardbirds
  • Compilation and liner notes by Mike Stax of Ugly Things magazine
  • Includes 11 previously unreleased recordings as well as Keith’s overlooked post-Yardbirds solo singles and tracks by Together, his duo with Jim McCarty
  • 4 page insert with photos
  • 24 tracks digitally remastered by Eroc – approx. 68 minutes playing time.
With his blond hair, dark sunglasses and frail, moody vocal style, Keith Relf brought a mystique to the Yardbirds that was a huge element of their image and sound. That cool, cerebral, soulful, approach continued with the music he made after the Yardbirds, all the way up until his tragic death in 1976 at the age of just 33. ALL THE FALLING ANGELS is a carefully selected collection of Keith’s work as a solo artist and in collaboration with fellow Yardbird Jim McCarty and his sister Jane Relf. It includes previously unreleased demos from Keith’s personal tape archive, along with rare tracks


Side 1
1 Knowing
2 Mr Zero
3 All The Pretty Little Horses
4 Only The Black Rose (demo) *
5 Glimpses (demo) *
6 Shapes In My Mind
7 Echoes I May Find *

Side 2
1 Shining Where The Sun Has Been
2 Henry’s Coming Home
3 Love Mum And Dad
4 Together Now
5 Line Of Least Resistance *

Side 3
1 Try Believing
2 High Mountain Theme (demo)
3 End And Out *
4 Just Think What You’re Achieving *
5 Collector Of The Light *
6 I’d Love To Love You Till Tomorrow
7 High Mountain Theme

Side 4
1 All The Falling Angels
2 Cherokee *
3 Voice Echo *
4 The Roundalay *
5 Sunbury Electronics Sequence

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: REPUK0000
  • Format: Deluxe Vinyl

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