Phil May: Tributes and Obituaries

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“As the singer and chief songwriter of the Pretty Things, Phil May, who has died aged 75 from complications following hip surgery after a cycling accident, achieved a status in pop history out of all proportion to his group’s record sales. The Pretty Things were outlandish and endlessly inventive, and inspired any number of punk, indie and glam-rock bands.”

Adam Sweeting, The Guardian, Sunday 17 May 2020

Peer Music: 
“It is with deep sadness that we have learned of Phil May’s passing. peermusic has been proud to be associated with Phil and The Pretty Things for over six decades. Our condolences to the May family, friends and fans around the world.”  Nigel Elderton, peermusic European President

John Challis (Boycie – Only Fools & Horses)
“Farewell to Phil May, frontman of the Pretty Things.”

Martin Knight – Author
“I didn’t know much about The #PrettyThings except the establishment didn’t like them & they didn’t like the establishment, which, at the time, was good enough for me. #PhilMay RIP.”

Dave Depper – Death Cab For Cutie: 
“Losing grand masters of art every day, but at least there’s a good excuse to listen to what they’ve left us. RIP Phil May and thanks for one of my favorite albums of all time.”

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