Time to Rock: Best of Singles A's & B's

Time to Rock: Best of Singles A's & B's

Time to Rock: Best of Singles A's & B's

A fabulous collection of tracks by one of the great bands of our time. UFO have been synonymous with good time boogie-rock, and hits like 'Doctor Doctor' and 'Rock Bottom' are real rock classics.This collection features 40 incredible tracks spanning two decades of recording - here are the sizzling songs that were originally issued as singles, culled from a series of memorable albums.


CD 1
01. Shake It About

02. (Come Away) Melinda

03. Unidentified Flying Object

04. Boogie

05. Treacle People

06. C’mon Everybody

07. Timothy

08. Prince Kajuku

09. The Coming Of Prince Kajuku

10. Galactic Love

11. Loving Cup

12. Give Her The Gun

13. Sweet Little Thing

14. Doctor Doctor

15. Lipstick Traces

16. Shoot Shoot

17. Love Lost Love

18. Alone Again Or

19. Only You Can Rock Me

20. Cherry

21. Rock Bottom

CD 2
01. Doctor Doctor (live)

02. On With The Action (live)

03. Young Blood

04. Lights Out

05. Couldn’t Get It Right

06. Hot ‘n’ Ready

07. Lonely Heart

08. Long Gone

09. Let It Rain

10. Heel Of A Stranger

11. You’ll Get Love

12. Back Into My Life

13. The Writer

14. When It’s Time To Rock

15. Everybody

16. This Time

17. The Chase

18. Night Run (US Remix)

19. Heaven’s Gate (US Remix)

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: REP4720
  • Format: 2CD (Slipcase)

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