Live at Rockpalast

Live at Rockpalast

Live at Rockpalast

RESTORED CONCERT PERFORMANCE on REGION FREE NTSC DVD: (Audio selection of Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound) REMASTERED STEREO SOUNDTRACK CD 16-PAGE BOOKLET WITH DETAILED LINER NOTES INCLUDING A NEW INTERVIEW WITH SNIFF FRONTMAN PAUL ROBERTS. PERFORMANCE DATE: Metropol, Berlin, Germany, 2nd November, 1982 Fronted by singer/songwriter Paul Roberts, this London band’s personnel included classy British musicians, many with session pedigrees. Their 1979 single ‘Driver’s Seat’ just missed the UK Top 40, but was a big hit in many other countries, including No.15 in the USA. Their musicianship was at odds with the UK music scene, dominated at the time by disco and new wave. However, their albums, ‘Fickle Heart’, ‘The Game’s Up’ and ‘Love / Action’ (all with Paul Roberts’ own designed covers) were well respected. During the period of this Rockpalast show, the band was promoting ‘Ride Blue Divide’ (1982) their last album as a band in the 80s. Ten years later, ‘Driver's Seat’ made No.1 in the Dutch chart due to TV advertising exposure and they reformed and toured. After another decade, Sniff released their seventh album ‘Downstream’ in 2011. Reminiscing about the Rockpalast appearance (with Dexy's Midnight Runners) Paul Roberts says: “Some thirty odd years later, I have finally seen the show and it's not bad at all…we coped with the problems pretty well. I was a little sweaty, but on the whole, the music is pretty good!” The 16-page informative booklet, with liner notes by Record Collector’s Micheal Heatley, includes the full interview with singer Paul Roberts.


1. Intro
2. Steal My Heart
3. Moment Of Weakness
4. Don’t Frighten Me
5. What Can Daddy Do
6. Love / Action
7. Night Life
8. Shame
9. Hungry Eyes
10. Snow White
11. One Love
12. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
13. Ride Blue Divide
14. Sing
15. Trouble Is My Business
16. Rodeo Drive
17. Driver’s Seat
DVD running time: Approx. 70 mins Region Free NTSC DVD. Audio selection of Stereo and 5.1 surround sound
1. Steal My Heart
2. Moment Of Weakness
3. Don’t Frighten Me
4. What Can Daddy Do
5. Love / Action
6. Night Life
7. Shame
8. Hungry Eyes
9. Snow White
10. One Love
11. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
12. Ride Blue Divide
13. Sing
14. Trouble Is My Business
15. Rodeo Drive
16. Driver’s Seat
Soundtrack in Remastered Stereo

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  • Catalogue Number: REPUK 1262
  • Format: DVD + CD (Brilliant Box + Slipcase)

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