Killing Floor

Killing Floor

Killing Floor

A powerful selection of performances by a top class British band that toured the club scene during the late 1960s. As a support act for such bands as Yes, The Nice and Ten Years After, Killing Floor was a seasoned outfit with lots of experience, as can be heard on their debut album first released in 1970. Among a dozen driving tracks is a version of Willie Dixon’s ‘Woman You Need Love’ and such Chicago style blues numbers as ‘Nobody By My Side’ and ‘Come Home Baby’. The line up features founder members Mick Clarke (lead guitar) and Bill Thornycraft (vocals, harmonica) with Lou Martin (piano), Stuart McDonald (bass) and Bazz Smith (drums). Recorded in just 12 days, here is a killing album brimful of blues fire.


01. Woman You Need Love
02. Nobody By My Side
03. Come Home Baby
04. Bedtime Blues
05. Sunday Morning
06. Try To Understand
07. My Mind Can Ride Easy
08. Wet
09. Keep On Walking
10. Forget It!
11. Lou’s Blues
12. People Change Your Mind

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: REPUK1108
  • Format: CD (Digisleeve)

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