Jade Warrior

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Jade Warrior are a long established progressive rock group who have had an almost mystical hold over fans since their inception way back in 1970. The founding members were guitarist Tony Duhig, Jon Field on flute and keyboards and Glyn Havard on vocals and bass guitar.
Jon and Tony first met in the Sixties while driving fork lifts in a local factory. They shared a passion for jazz and Latin American Music and started playing instruments including guitar and percussion.
In 1965 they formed an R&B group called Second Thoughts with Patrick Lyons on vocals and they released a 4-track EP. Later came a group called the Tom Cats that included Tony and Jon that played in Spain in the mid-Sixties
In 1966 they returned to the UK and changed their name to July and performed psychedelic pop. They split up in 1968 and Tony Duhig visited Iran where he met Glyn Havard and formed a band there. Back in England Tony, Glyn and drummer Allan Price joined established pop group Unit Four Plus Two.
Later on Field, Duhig and Havard formed Jade Warrior, named after a dance drama Tony had composed. The name has also been described as a Japanese term for a Samurai warrior who is also a poet and scholar. They signed to Vertigo in 1970 and released their debut album in 1971.
Two more followed and a US tour was organised, supporting Dave Mason. The group was hit by the sudden death of Tony Duhig in November 1990 but the band carried on and has survived various changes over the years. They released ‘Now’ in 2008 and also performed one of the last gigs at the soon to be closed Astoria theatre, in London. A new instrumental album is in the pipeline.
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