Live at Rockpalast

Live at Rockpalast

Live at Rockpalast

RESTORED CONCERT PERFORMANCE on REGION FREE NTSC DVD: (Audio selection of Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound) REMASTERED STEREO SOUNDTRACK CD 16-PAGE BOOKLET WITH DETAILED LINER NOTES BY AUTHOR WILL BIRCH. INCLUDES A NEW INTERVIEW WITH CHAS HODGES. PERFORMANCE DATE: Zeche, Bochum, Germany, 9th March, 1983 Chas & Dave write exceptionally witty songs about London life, performed with a strong affection for all things English. They are reminiscent of many of the great Music Hall artists of years past. The musical accompaniment to their sharply observant material is neither rock nor punk, but solid, no-nonsense Rock’n’Roll style, which has been their background and inspiration. Here they are on this set presenting their unique ‘Rockney’ brand of music to a German audience. Contains lively renditions of their numerous hits - ‘Rabbit’, ‘Gertcha’, ‘The Sideboard Song’, ‘Ain’t No Pleasing You’, ‘Margate’ with perennial singalong classics like ‘Roll Out The Barrels’. Ths informative booklet, with liner notes by author and journalist Will Birch, includes a new interview with Chas Hodges.


1. Intro
2. Stop Dreaming
3. London Girls
4. Sideboard Song
5. That Old Piano
6. Word From Anne
7. That’s What I Like
8. Nobody
9. Musn’t Grumble
10. Ain’t No Pleasing You
11. Rabbit
12. Scruffy Old Cow
13. Margate
14. I Miss Ya Girl
15. Beer Belly
16. Beer Barrell Banjos (Roll Out The Barrels)
17. Gertcha
18. Poor Old Mr. Woogie
DVD running time: Approx. 65 mins Region Free NTSC DVD. Audio selection of Stereo and 5.1 surround sound
1. Stop Dreaming
2. London Girls
3. Sideboard Song
4. That Old Piano
5. Word From Anne
6. That’s What I Like
7. Nobody
8. Musn’t Grumble
9. Ain’t No Pleasing You
10. Rabbit
11. Scruffy Old Cow
12. Margate
13. I Miss Ya Girl
14. Beer Belly
15. Beer Barrell Banjos (Roll Out The Barrels)
16. Gertcha
17. Poor Old Mr. Woogie
Special Bonus Track:
18. Dir Macht Keiner Was Recht (German language version of Aint No Pleasing You -not featured in the Rockpalast show)
Soundtrack in Remastered Stereo

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  • Catalogue Number: REPUK 1259
  • Format: DVD + CD (Brilliant Box + Slipcase)

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