Close to My Heart

Close to My Heart

Close to My Heart

Legendary Scottish rock band Beggars Opera released a spate of classic albums in the early 1970s. After fading from the ‘live’ gigging scene founder member Ricky Gardner began to suffer from illness which also prevented any further recording.

However, in 2007 the guitarist and his wife keyboard player and vocalist Virginia Scott released ‘Close To My Heart’, an album that had taken them ten years to compose and record. Together with drummer Tom Gardiner they devised this 12 track set of performances that heralded a Beggars Opera ‘come back’.

Most of the pieces are tightly constructed in length and don’t roam into ‘Prog’ instrumental excess. The vocals are prominent, while an intriguing atmosphere is provided by tough guitar riffs and meandering Mellotron themes. The effect has been compared to a blend of Pink Floyd with Hawkwind symphonic space age moods.

So, no need to beg, here is a musical gift close to the heart of all their fans. Just watch out for the bagpipes!


01. Secret (05:20)
02. Passing Her (04:35)
03. Close To My Heart (04:25)
04. A-Ha (06:09)
05. Tight Blue Lips (04:53)
06. Warm Eyes (05:12)
07. Apparently Uncontrolled (05:10)
08. Senselessness (06:13)
09. You Stranger (05:16)
10. Angelus Thread (04:44)
11. Meet Me (06:03)
12. Here Comes Everybody (04:50)

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: REPUK1131
  • Format: CD (Jewel Case)

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