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Skid Row

A kind of maniac intensity pervades the powerhouse performances on this blues drenched CD. Much of the excitement is due to the presence of a 17-year old lead guitarist and singer, who would go on to fame and fortune.

However, this is not the U.S. Skid Row (the one starring singer Sebastian Bach that came to prominence in the early 1990s). This dynamic trio came storming out of Belfast in 1970 and showcased the talents of none other than future guitar hero Gary Moore. Gary was clearly out to prove himself the equal of his favourite guitarists such as Eric Clapton and Peter Green.

He certainly reveals a talent for speed and energy on such numbers as ‘Mad Dog Woman’ and ‘An Awful Lot Of Woman’. Clever, intricate arrangements ensure the drums and bass are given as much work to do, while Gary skids into the crash barriers at 100 miles-an-hour.

Historically and musically, this is a gem of an album that bridges 60s blues and 70s hard rock.


01. Mad Dog Woman
02. Virgo's Daughter
03. Heading Home Again
04. An Awful Lot Of Woman
05. Unco-Up Showband Blues
06. For Those Who Do
07. After I'm Gone
08. The Man Who Never Was
09. Felicity

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  • Catalogue Number: RES2339
  • Format: CD (Digipak)

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