- Never Too Loud

Never Too Loud

Never Too Loud

Rock 'n' Roll meets heads down boogie in this exciting, action packed 2 CD set representing the best of Rose Tattoo. The Australian rockers unleashed a much needed earthy attitude, when they burst on the scene in the early Eighties. They punched out such dynamic albums as 'Rock 'n' Roll Outlaws', 'Assault And Battery', 'Scarred For Life' and 'Southern Stars' which thrilled fans around the world and were a major influence on the LA Glam Rock scene. Here are 37 memorable tracks from the Tatt's legacy, including 'Nice Boys', 'The Butcher And Fast Eddie', 'One Of The Boys' and 'We Can't Be Beaten' together with rare 'live' recordings from the BBC archives. Angry Anderson, their bald headed, heavily tattooed lead singer, tells the full fascinating, story of Rose Tattoo to Chris Welch in the accompanying booklet. Together with Angry's personal memories and track-by-track comments this creates an unmissable highlight of Repertoire's celebrated 'Popumentary' series of classic reissues.


CD 1
01. Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw
02. Nice Boys
03. The Butcher And Fast Eddy
04. One Of The Boys
05. Remedy
06. Bad Boy For Love
07. Tramp
08. Out Of This Place
09. All The Lessons
10. Assault And Battery
11. Magnum Maid
12. Rock 'n' Roll Is King
13. Chinese Dunkirk
14. Suicide City
15. Bad Boy (Live At The BBC)
16. Nice Boys (Live At The BBC)
17. The Butcher And Fast Eddy (Live At The BBC)
18. Rock 'n' Roll Outlaws (Live At The BBC)

CD 2
01. I Had You First
02. Scarred For Life
03. We Can't Be Beaten
04. Juice On The Loose
05. Who' s Got The Cash
06. Branded
07. Sydney Girls
08. It's Gonna Work Itself Out
09. Dead Set
10. Fighting Song
11. Southern Stars
12. Freedom's Flame
13. Saturday's Rage
14. Death Or Glory
15. The Pirate Song
16. You've Been Told
17. The Radio Said Rock 'n' Roll Is Dead
18. Snow Queen
19. Never Too Loud

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  • Catalogue Number: REP4601
  • Format: 2CD (Slipcase)

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