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Da Capo

A magnificent 2 CD set featuring the rich and highly melodic music of this unique Bristish band. Some 25 tracks comprising both epic performances, and skillfully crafted songs, trace the band's development from 1969 to 1982. Enjoy the beautiful voice of lead singer Annie Haslam as she interprets the lyrics of Michael Dunford and Betty Thatcher, and relish the band's clever blend of classical, rock, folk and jazz.

Complete with a history of Renaissance by Chris Welch, and the whole package designed by Storm Thorgerson (Hipgnosis) this is an unmissable retrospetive. Contains 2 previously unreleased tracks, and includes an 8-page booklet.


CD 1
01. Kings & Queens
02. Island
03. Love Goes On
04. Love Is All
05. Prologue
06. Bound For Infinity
07. Carpet Of The Sun
08. Ashes Are Burning
09. Black Flame
10. Running Hard
11. Mother Russia
12. Africa

CD 2
01. Trip To The Fair
02. Ocean Gypsy
03. The Young Prince And Princess As Told By Scheherazade
04. Midas Man
05. Captive Heart
06. Northern Lights
07. Song For All Seasons
08. Forever Changing
09. Flood At Lyons
10. Bonjour Swansong
11. Ukraine Ways
12. The Entertainer
13. Writers Wronged

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: REP4571
  • Format: 2CD (Jewel Case)

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