- Hard'N'Heavy (With Marshmallow)

Hard'N'Heavy (With Marshmallow)

Hard'N'Heavy (With Marshmallow)

One of America's favourite Sixties' rock bands loved to dress as 18th century revolutionaries in three corner hats and frilly shirts, but they were heavy! Keyboard player Paul Revere leads the outfit that pioneered TV pop comedy, long before The Monkees. They also enjoyed a string of hit singles and rocking albums, like this 1969 set that includes U.S Top Twenty hit 'Mr.Sun, Mr.Moon' and features Ry Cooder, guesting on bottleneck guitar.


01. Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon
02. Money Can't Buy Me
03. Time After Time
04. Ride On My Shoulder
05. Without You
06. Trishalana
07. Out On That Road
08. Hard And Heavy 5 - String Solo Banjo
09. Where You Goin' Girl
10. Cinderella Sunshine
11. Call On Me

Bonus Tracks
12. Lesli
13. Cinderella Sunshie (Single Version)
14. It's Happening
15. Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon (Single Mix)
16. Without You (Single Mix)
17. Do Unto Others (Single Version)
18. Theme From It's Happening (Vocal Version) (
19. Judge Gto Breakaway (Original Version)

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: REP4999
  • Format: CD (Digipak)

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