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Osibisa was one of the first bands to help create awareness of African music and combined the talents of musicians from both West Africa and the Caribbean. They pioneered an exotic and exciting blend of ‘High Life’ rhythms and hard rock, and created a sensation in Europe and America during the 1970s.

‘Osibisa’ was their debut album, first released in 1971, not long after the band was launched in London. The group enjoyed a UK hit single with ‘Music For Gong Gong’ in 1970, here among the seven tracks on this CD. Osibisa brought dancing back to the rock scene with their criss-cross African rhythms, and this welcome re-issue of a best selling album will set pulses racing one more time.


01. Dawn (Osei/Amarfio)
02. Music For Gong Gong (Osei/Tontoh)
03. Ayiko BIa (Osei/Kabaka)
04. Akwaaba (Osei/Tontoh)
05. Oranges (Osei)
06. Phallus (Bedeau)
07. Think About The People (Osibisa)

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  • Catalogue Number: REPUK1118
  • Format: CD (Digisleeve)

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