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The band was formed in 1981 and featured the extraordinary Danish guitar player Nils Tuxen, ex-Savage Rose; Romanian Michael Cretu on keyboards (who later married German Megastar Sandra), bass player Manfred ‘Tissy’ Thiers, ex-Randy Pie, and drummer Reinhard ‘Dicky’ Tarrach – formerly of the Rattles, Wonderland and Randy Pie.

However, during the “Neue Deutsche Welle” boom period, several record companies instantly rejected demo tapes of their funky, disco-orientated material. Four years later however, Moti Special achieved success when three of their high-octane dance tunes hit the German charts all within a span of nine month: ‘Cold Days, Hot Nights’ (Number 3), ‘Don’t Be So Shy’ (Number 8) and ‘Stop! Girls Go Crazy’ (Number 53). In the same year their debut album ‘Motivation’ reached Number 20. A must for all fans of the 80’s.


01. Don’t Be So Shy

02. Spirit Of Ecstasy

03. How To Treat Tough Girls

04. Cold Days, Hot Nights

05. Visions Of You

06. Motivation

07. She’s A Heartbreaker

08. Every Minute

09. Stop! Girls Go Crazy

Bonus tracks

10. Cold Days, Hot Nights (Extended Version)

11. Stop! Girls Go Crazy (Extended Version)

12. Don’t Be So Shy (Extended Version)

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  • Catalogue Number: REP4815
  • Format: CD (Jewel Case)

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