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‘Seasons’ was the third album released by the much loved group founded by singer/songwriter Chris Simpson in 1969. Originally released in 1970 on Vertigo, this CD is largely devoted to a series of songs and poems inspired by the onset of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

However, there are many other attractive songs such as ‘Going My Way,’ ‘Elizabethan’ and ‘Airport Song’ the latter written after the composer was stranded during his first flight. An intriguing insight into the early work of a band that is still a vital part of the folk rock scene.


01. Seasons
Spring Poem
Spring Song
Summer Poem
Summer Song
Autumn Song
Winter Song (Reprise)
02. Goin' My Way (Road Song)
03. Elizabethan
04. Give Me No Goodbye
05. Ring Of Stones
06. Scarecrow
07. Airport Song

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: REPUK1034
  • Format: CD (Digisleeve)

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