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I Love Today

I Love Today

The Brand New Album By The Intriguing Corsican HENRY PADOVANI A unique, international cult star… Musician, Broadcaster, Writer, TV Presenter, Promoter, Songwriter, Lover, Author, Modernist and Traditionalist - there is no one in rock’n’roll quite like him.

In 1976 Henry formed The Police with Sting and Stewart Copeland. Their powerhouse, early London gigs were legendary and they had a massive following in London’s punk club heyday. He continued his musical career with hugely successful Wayne County and the Electric Chairs, a major part of the androgynous glam-rock, proto-punk hangover - who hired The Police (after they had sacked Henry!) to support them on a major tour, Henry later re-invented himself, to re-emerge with the Flying Padovanis - London’s cult psych-punk, superstars of choice, with their wild, dark, reverb-drenched, thrash-punk, instrumental music. And, just to keep busy, Henry was also the lead judge on the French ‘The X Factor’ TV series, a major record company exec (discovering REM amongst others), an artist manager (managing Italy's biggest star Zucchero), a radio and TV presenter, film-soundtrack composer and the star and subject of the Cannes Film Festival listed documentary ‘Rock & Roll...... Of Corse’. Oh, and he speaks fluent English, Italian, French (and Corsican!)....... And they love him in Japan and....Argentina – ‘of Corse!’

And now, with ‘I Love Today’, Henry has recorded his first, long overdue, fully ‘solo’ album. A rich, sometimes dark mix of his unique and emotive, original songs, coupled with some favourites from his long journey on the road - encompassing blues, rock and chanson, all flavoured and impregnated with Henry’s unique guitar style, his huge, dynamic voice and irrepressible Corsican personality.

The album cover has been created by Jef Aerosol (the ‘French Banksy’), a charismatic, outlaw street artist - a star himself in the Mediterranean art media.

‘Live’ dates are currently being planned for Europe and the UK to promote the album.

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1. I Love Today
2. Give Me Love
3. Lean Love
4. Long, Long, Long
5. Into My Arms
6. Skeleton Blues
7. Nature Boy
8. Brother, Sister, Preacher
9. Rien De Rien
10. Play With Fire
11. Jealous Guy
12. Le Temps
13. Ne Me Quitte Pas



Rock’n Roll of Corse Teaser



It started with punk, nappies and jazz-rock: love songs and professionalism showed the exit door.

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To say that I was shocked to receive an album by Padovani, was an understatement. If you have no clue as to the identity of ‘Our ‘Enry’ (who grew up in Corsica and Algeria and knew not a great deal of English when he turned up in the UK) then you may remember the group he co-founded, The Police.

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