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Around Grapefruit

Melodic, catchy pop songs are the forte of this British group formed in 1967. Grapefruit originally comprised three former members of Tony Rivers & The Castaways, John Perry (guitar, vocals), Pete Sweetenham (guitar, vocals) and Geoff Sweetenham (drums), who tea-med up with songwriter George Alexander (bass, vocals). The group was given its name by John Lennon and they were the first act signed to Apple publishing. Their debut single ‘Dear Delilah’ was a UK Top 30 hit and ‘Around Grapefruit’ was first released in 1968. The 12 tracks on the album are mostly George Alexander’s songs, such as ‘Another Game’ and ‘Yesterday’s Sunshine’. We have added a dozen more bonus items - including the single ver-sions of ‘Dear Delilah’, ‘Elevator’, ‘C’Mon Marianne’, ‘Theme For Twiggy’, and two rare Italian language tracks, ‘Dolce Delilah’ and ‘Mai Nessuno’.

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01. Another Game
02. Yesterday’s Sunshine
03. Elevator
04. Yes
05. C’Mon Marianne
06. Lullaby
07. Round Going Round
08. Dear Delilah
09. This Little Man
10. Ain’t It Good
11. Theme For Twiggy
12. Someday Soon

Bonus Tracks
13. Dear Delilah (Single Version – Mono)
14. Dead Boot
15. Elevator (Single Version – Mono)
16. Yes (Single Version – Mono)
17. C’Mon Marianne (Single Version – Mono)
18. Ain’t It Good (Single Version – Mono)
19. Round Going Round (Single Version – Mono)
20. This Little Man (Single Version – Mono)
21. Someday (Single Version – Mono)
22. Theme For Twiggy (Single Version – Mono)
23. Dolce Delilah
24. Mai Nessuno

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: REP5044
  • Format: CD (Digipak)

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