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One of the pop music's most creative artists, Moroder was born in Italy in 1940. He studied art as a child and later began playing guitar in pop groups. In 1971 he began experimenting with computer-based music at his own Musicland Studios, in Munich and launched 'disco queen' Donna Summer. 'E = MC²' was the first disco digital record. Infectious, heavy rhythms permeate stand out tracks 'Oh, What A Night' and 'I Wanna Rock You'. The bonus items include 'Evolution' a 15 minute club hit from the 1978 'Battlestar Galactica' album.
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01. Baby Blue
02. What A Night
03. If You Weren’t Afraid
04. I Wanna Rock You
05. In My Wildest Dreams
06. E=MC²

Bonus tracks
07. Love’s In You, Love’s In Me
08. Evolution

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: REP4948
  • Format: CD (Jewel Case)

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