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American singer Gary Puckett was blessed with a rich and powerful voice, which enlivened such memorable Top Ten hits as the plaintive ‘Young Girl’. Gary and his group The Union Gap were big stars of the 60s, and this song-packed CD provides a welcome reminder of the days when good tunes and meaningful lyrics reigned in the charts. Here are some 26 tracks released between 1967 and 1970 showcasing Gary’s stentorian vocals on the singles ‘Woman Woman’ and ‘Lady Willpower’, as well as cuts from the albums ‘The Union Gap’, ‘Young Girl,’ ‘Incredible’ and 1992’s ‘Looking Glass’.


01. Woman, Woman
02. Young Girl
03. Lady Willpower
04. Over You
05. Don't Give In To Him
06. This Girl Is A Woman Now
07. Let's Give Adam & Eve Another Chance
08. I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
09. Keep The Customer Satisfied
10. Don't Make Promises
11. I'm Losing You
12. Daylight Stranger
13. If The Day Would Come
14. Could I
15. His Other Woman
16. The Beggar
17. No One Really Knows
18. Paindrops
19. Kentucky Woman
20. To Love Somebody
21. Lady Madonna
22. The Pleasure Of You
23. Give In
24. Can You Tell
25. Every Hour
26. Looking Glass

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  • Catalogue Number: RES2308
  • Format: CD (Digipak)

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