- The Best of Flash and the Pan

The Best of Flash and the Pan

The Best of Flash and the Pan

When the Easybeats broke up in 1970, Harry Vanda and George Young returned from Britain to Australia, where they formed a production and songwriting team. They produced all the early AC/DC albums and came up with the studio concept Flash & The Pan. The title was a wry commentary on their early brush with fame, but a succession of powerful albums sold well. Hit single ‘Hey St. Peter’ heads up a 19-track CD that features ‘Waiting For A Train’, ‘Down Among The Deadmen’ and ‘The African Shuffle’. The compre-hensive liner notes include an exclusive interview with Harry Vanda.


01. Hey St. Peter
02. Yesterday's Gone
03. Waiting For A Train (Single Mix)
04. Media Man (Single Mix)
05. Money Don't Lie (Single Mix)
06. Down Among The Dead Men
07. Early Morning Wake Up Call
08. Restless
09. Ayla (Single Mix)
10. Where Were You
11. Midnight Man
12. Welcome To The Universe (Single Mix)
13. Lady Killer
14. Captain Beware
15. Love Is A Gun
16. Man In The Middle
17. Make Your Own Cross
18. Atlantis Calling
19. The African Shuffle (Single Mix)

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  • Format: CD (Jewel Case)

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