- The Singles A's and B's

The Singles A's and B's

The Singles A's and B's

Although the Easybeats are best known for their 1966 smash hit ‘Friday On My Mind’, the Australian based pop group produced manyother excellent singles during their hectic five-year career. These are gathered on this important double CD collection that features an incredible 40 tracks. All the vitality of a young band enjoying the first flush of stardom is captured on a series of mostly original songs written by founder members Harry Vanda and George Young. As well as their best known A-sides there are the songs intended as follow up hits, those intriguing B-sides and the records that were hits back home as well as Europe. This package includes informative sleeve notes with anexclusive interview with Harry Vanda, who tells the remarkable story of the band that opened up the Australian pop scene.


CD 1
01. For My Woman
02. Say That You're Mine
03. She's So Fine
04. Old Oak Tree
05. Wedding Ring
06. Me Or You
07. Sad Lonely And Blue
08. Easy As Can Be
09. Woman (Maybe You Feel Alright)
10. In My Book
11. Come And See Her
12. I Can See
13. Sorry
14. Funny Feeling
15. Friday On My Mind
16. Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It
17. Who'll Be The One
18. Do You Have A Soul
19. Saturday Night
20. Heaven And Hell

CD 2
01. Pretty Girl
02. Falling Off The Edge Of The World
03. Remember Sam
04. The Music Goes Around My Head
05. Come In, You'll Get Pneumonia
06. Good Times
07. Hello, How Are You
08. The Music Goes Around My Head (Fast Version, Italy)
09. The Land Of Make Believe
10. We All Live Happily
11. Lay Me Down And Die (Instrumental)
12. See Line Woman
13. I Can't Stand It
14. St. Louis
15. Can't Find Love
16. Rock'n'Roll Boogie
17. Woman You're On My Mind
18. Peculiar Hole In The Sky
19. H.P.Man
20. (Who Are My) Friends

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  • Catalogue Number: REP5039
  • Format: 2CD (Digipak)

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