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The Country Sect

The Country Sect

The Downliners Sect were intent on producing one of the first ‘concept’ albums when they conceived ‘The Country Sect’, their second album first released in 1965. The idea was to explore the roots of ock’n’roll, which they perceived went as far back as American country and western. It’s said that The Byrds were inspired by the ‘country rock’ notion when this LP first appeared in North America.

Singer Don Craine in an interview for the omprehensive CD liner notes describes the fate of the album and the reasoning behind their exploratory musical policy. Together with six bonus items, this is important addition to the Downliners’ legacy.


1. If I Could Just Go Back
2. Rocks In My Bed
3. Ballad Of The Hounds
4. Little Play Soldiers
5. Hard Travellin'
6. Wait For The Lights To Shine
7. I Got Mine
8. Waiting In Heaven
9. Above And Beyond
10. Bad Storm Coming
11. Midnight Special
12. Wolverton Mountain

Bonus tracks
13. Wreck Of The Old '97
14. Loneley And Blue
15. I Want My Baby Back
16. Leader Of The Sect
17. Midnight Hour
18. Noe She's Dead

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  • Catalogue Number: REP5036
  • Format: CD (Digipak)

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