- It's Like You Never Left

It's Like You Never Left

It's Like You Never Left

When Traffic was in its first flush of fame in the mid-Sixties, there was a certain amount of rivalry between founder members Steve Winwood and Dave Mason. Both sang, played guitar and wrote atmospheric, cleverly constructed songs. However, it was Dave who wrote the band’s first big hit single ‘Hole In My Shoe’, a 1967 classic. That same year, Mason quit Traffic, although he rejoined them briefly in 1968. He subsequently con-centrated on his solo career, releasing this Top 50 album in 1973, which consists of all original material and features guest appearances by Dave’s famous friends, Graham Nash and Stevie Wonder.

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01. Baby….Please

02. Every Woman

03. If You’ve Got Love

04. Maybe

05. Head Keeper

06. Misty Morning Stranger

07. Silent Partner

08. Side Tracker

09. The Lonely One

10. It’s Like You Never Left

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  • Catalogue Number: RES2320
  • Format: CD (Digipak)

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