- Retrospective Anthology 1970 - 2009

Retrospective Anthology 1970 - 2009

Retrospective Anthology 1970 - 2009

Beautiful lead singer Sonja Kristina and violin virtuoso Darryl Way were the kingpins of a group that caused a sensation with its innovative music and a striking image in the sexy Seventies. Curved Air was a highly musical combo that deserved its Prog Rock status. However, they were also hailed as pop stars when the sultry 'Back Street Luv' was a Top 5 hit in 1971.

That hit song is among 28 tracks on a superb introduction to the life and times of Curved Air, a band that underwent lots of changes during its hectic career. Their experimental blend of classical themes, electronic sounds and pop/rock energy won them many fans that still remain loyal supporters. Most of the songs on this essential 'Best Of' CD are from such albums as 'Air Conditioning', 'Second Album', 'Phantasmagoria', 'Air Cut', 'Midnight Wire', 'Airborne' and Love Child', together with 3 more recent works from Sonja Kristina's MASK recordings 'Heavy Petal' and 'Technopia'.

Curved Air showcased many top musicians during its career, notably Francis Monkman, Eddie Jobson and Stewart Copeland. They all make important contributions to the group's sound. But watch out for the constant 'X-Factor' – the crystal clear vocals of Sonja Kristina on such songs as 'Young Mother', 'Melinda (More Or Less)' and 'The Dancer'.

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CD 1
01. It Happened Today (04:54)
02. Screw (03:59)
03. Blind Man (03:31)
04. Hide and Seek (06:16)
05. Rob One (03:23)
06. Young Mother (05:54)
07. Back Street Luv (02:50)
08. Jumbo (04:06)
09. Puppets (05:26)
10. Piece Of Mind (12:51)
11. Whose Shoulder Are You Looking Over Anyway? (03:23)
12. Melinda (More or Less) (03:22)
13. Over and Above (08:32)

CD 2
01. The Purple Speed Queen (03:27)
02. Elfin Boy (04:12)
03. Metamorphosis (10:38)
04. Easy (06:38)
05. The Dancer (03:53)
06. Dance Of Love (04:32)
07. Love Child (04:50)
08. Woman On A One Night Stand (04:55)
09. Desiree (03:12)
10. Broken Lady (03:13)
11. Marie Antoinette (06:51)
12. Vivaldi (07:29)

Bonus Tracks
(Sonja Kristina with Mask)
13. Lambent Spire (06:42)
14. Space In Between (04:29)
15. Beloved (04:07)

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  • Catalogue Number: REPUK1086
  • Format: 2CD (Digipak)

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