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Air Cut

Curved Air was one of the most innovative bands to grace the progressive rock scene. Their founder members included brilliant violinist Darryl Way and charismatic vocalist Sonja Kristina. Formed in 1970 they enjoyed a spate of hit albums and singles. But in October 1972 founder members Darryl and Francis Monkman quit after musical disagreements. Nevertheless, the band carried on with Sonja Kristina as sole original member.

Her new recruits included 17-year old Eddie Jobson, a brilliant violinist and keyboard player who shows his mettle on this excellent 1973 album. ‘Air Cut’ is cherished as a long neglected classic by prog rock fans. On this CD they can once again take delight in Eddie’s synth solo on ‘Purple Speed Queen’, Sonja’s acappella vocals on ‘Elfin Boy’ and the ten-minute epic ‘Metamorphosis’, written by Jobson and featuring his elegant piano work.

With revised liner notes by Repertoire’s Chris Welch, including new interviews with Sonja Kristina and Kirby Gregory, this is a ‘must have’ addition to any Curved Air collection.

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01. The Purple Speed Queen

02. Elfin Boy

03. Metamorphosis

04. World

05. Armin

06. U.H.F.

07. Two-Three-Two

08. Easy

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  • Catalogue Number: REP5206
  • Format: CD (Digisleeve)

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