- Christie Featuring San Bernadino and Yellow River

Christie Featuring San Bernadino and Yellow River

Christie Featuring San Bernadino and Yellow River

Yellow River’ was a big Number One smash hit for the vocal/instrumental group founded by singer/songwriter Jeff Christie. One of the most memorable pop songs of all time, it’s the centrepiece of the group’s original 13 track 1970 album. There is also a big selection of Jeff Christie’s other original tunes from ‘Gotta Be Free’, and ‘San Bernadino’, to ‘Country Boy’ and ‘Coming Home Tonight’, which display the composer-’s versatility and narrative skill. We have added nine bonus items to the CD, including ‘Iron Horse’ and ‘Fools Gold’, all superbly remastered and restored.


01. Yellow River (02:46)
02. Gotta Be Free (03:11)
03. I’ve Got A Feeling (02:49)
04. New York City (03:07)
05. Inside Looking Out (02:42)
06. Put Your Money Down (02:43)
07. Down The Mississippe Line (02:52)

08. San Bernadino (03:12)
09. Country Boy (02:38)
10. Johnny One Time (03:25)
11. Coming Home Tonight (02:58)
12. Here I Am (02:37)
13. Until The Dawn (02:39)

Bonus Tracks
14. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (02:37)
15. Freewheelin’ Man (02:54)
16. Inside Looking Out (02:42)
17. Iron Horse (02:52)
18. Every Now And Then (03:19)
19. Fools Gold (03:10)
20. California Sunshine (03:06)
21. Born To Lose (02:47)

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: RES2304
  • Format: CD (Digipak)

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