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Art of Living

Art of Living

Mellow, melodic, modern pop defines the art and craft of The Boomers. They were fronted by Ian Thomas, the well known Canadian born singer, songwriter, actor and author. His love of words and well chosen phrases are made clear by his bell like diction. He caresses the lyrics on a selection of eleven sensitive songs displayed on this exemplary 1993 album.

‘Art Of Living’ has Ian on vocals and guitar complemented by Peter Cardinali (bass and accordion) and Bill Dillon (guitar and mandolin) with additional support from Moreen Brown on percussion. The title track has overtones of the Who in their Seventies’ stylistic period, while songs such as ‘You’ve Got To Know’, a Top 20 hit single in Canada, have an attractively melodic lilt. ‘Things I Didn’t Say’ is slow and funky and is contrasted by ‘Modern Man’, where Ian’s anxious lyrics are pitted against a bright, clean upbeat.

Rich in tasteful performances by mature musicians and an outstandingly talented vocalist, ‘Art Of Living’ is a real treat and an album with high production values that deserves recognition beyond the land of the Maple Leaf.


01. The Art Of Living (05:46)
02. You've Got To Know (04:52)
03. Things I Didn't Say (06:52)
04. The Way You Feel (05:09)
05. Good Again (03:43)
06. Modern Man (03:42)
07. Still In This Thing (04:13)
08. When I Get Like This (04:20)
09. Lie To Me (04:55)
10. What Love Can Do (04:27)
11. To Comfort You (05:08)

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  • Catalogue Number: REP5163
  • Format: CD (Digipak)

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