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Blood, Sweat & Tears

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Pioneers of brash and exciting jazz rock, this American band caused a sensation when theymade their debut in 1969. In an age dominated by four-piece guitar groups, Blood, Sweat & Tears seemed revolutionary with their use of a powerful brass section sparked by dynamic drummer Bobby Colomby.The group celebrated all aspects of contemporary music, playing arran-gements of Traffic tunes like ‘Smiling Phases’ while exploring classical themes and jazz tunes like Billie Holiday’s ‘God Bless The Child’. Soulful Canadian born singer David Clayton-Thomas roars through ‘More And More’ and ‘Spinning Wheel’, among the highlights of a seminal, ground-breaking album.


01. Variations On A Theme (02:32)
02. Smiling Phases (05:09)
03. Something In Winter (03:07)
04. More And More (03:02)
05. And When I Die (04:04)
06. God Bless The Child (05:52)
07. Spinning Wheel (04:06)
08. You’ve Made Me So Very Happy (04:17)
09. Blues – Part II (11:45)
10. Variations On A Theme (01:39)

Bonus tracks
11. More And More (Live) (04:37)
12. Smiling Phases (Live) (18:43)

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