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Struttin' Our Stuff

Struttin' Our Stuff

When he quit the Rolling Stones in 1992, Bill Wyman may have thought he'd earned his retirement. But the call of music was so strong that he couldn't resist forming his own new band, playing the kind of blues and R&B music he loved. The result was the Rhythm Kings, an all star outfit that became a huge success.

'Struttin' Our Stuff' is the band's debut album, first released in 1997 and packed with lively numbers that capture the spirit of the blues from different eras. Among the dozen tracks are jive tunes like 'Jitterbug Boogie' and slow blues such as 'Bad To Be Alone'. There are also 'covers' of classic hits including Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'Green River' and the R&B standard 'Tobacco Road'.

The band clearly loves playing together and features an all-star cast of seasoned players, notably Georgie Fame on organ and vocals. Among the guitarists, Eric Clapton, Albert Lee and Peter Frampton contribute some hot solos, and there is an impressive roster of brass players and backing vocalists. With Bill on bass and Beverley Skeete (vocals), here is a band that dispenses happiness and good vibes.

In an interview with French newspaper 'Le Figaro' Bill Wyman said: ''I've wanted to do this for years. It's the best work of my career & I'm very proud of it.''


01. Green River (03:15)
02. Walking On My Own (03:13)
03. Melody (04:51)
04. Stuff (Can't Get Enough) (03:42)
05, Bad To Be Alone (03:19)
06. I'm Mad (03:22)
07. Down In The Bottom (02:55)
08. Motorvatin' Mama (03:34)
09. Jitterbug Boogie (03:10)
10. Going Crazy Overnight (03:53)
11. Hole In My Soul (04:03)
12. Tobacco Road (04:33)

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  • Catalogue Number: REP5171
  • Format: CD (Jewel Case)

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