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Ashton, Gardner & Dyke really were the best when it came to delivering pop, soul, rock and jazz with heart-warming zeal and enthusiasm. With Tony Ashton fronting the group on vocals, piano and organ, this powerful trio grabbed audiences and record buyers alike with their dynamic sound. They hit the charts with 'Resurrection Shuffle' in 1970 and that irresistible rave up takes pride of place at the head of this superb 20 track collection. With Roy Dyke on drums and Kim Gardner on bass, the trio was augmented by brass players and guitarists that even included old pals Eric Clapton and George Harrison. Here is a rich variety of entertaining performances from singles and albums such as 'What A Bloody Long Day It's Been' and 'The Worst Of Ashton, Gardner & Dyke' that reflect the exuberant personality and musical tastes of the late Tony Ashton, a sorely missed musical maestro. The CD liner notes tell the story of the band, its roots, successes and ultimate demise.
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01. Resurrection Shuffle (Single Version) (03:11)
02. Ballad Of The Remo Four (03:40)
03. Let It Roll (04:25)
04. Billy And His Piano (03:59)
05. I’m Your Spiritual Breadman (03:13)
06. Hymn To Everyone (03:42)
07. Maiden Voyage (Single Version) (05:21)
08. Why Did You Go (02:58)
09. New York Mining Disaster (05:02)
10. The Falling Song (03:30)
11. Oh Mathilda (03:11)
12. Momma’s Getting Married (03:32)
13. What A Bloody Long Day It’s Been (04:07)
14. Rolling Home (03:30)
15. Can You Get It (Single Version) (03:26)
16. I’m Dying For You (02:18)
17. Paper Head, Paper Mind (04:44)
18. You, Me And A Friend Of Mine (03:35)
19. It’s Gonna Be High Tonight (02:48)
20. Picture Sliding Down The Wall (04:39)

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  • Catalogue Number: REP5141
  • Format: CD (Digipak)

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