- Strings of Desire

Strings of Desire

Strings of Desire

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Recorded in California in 1998, ’Strings Of Desire’ brings together two of the best acoustic and electric guitarists of the modern era - Grammy Award winning Police guitarist Andy Summers and the Argentinian born guitarist and composer Victor Biglione, who also has won awards for his film scores and played guitar on several Grammy award winning albums.

’Strings of Desire’ was the first album to emerge from the partnership between guitarists Andy Summers and Victor Biglione. The music consists entirely of acoustic guitar duets with no other instruments. Yet, the interweaving melodies and supporting rhythms works so well, the two guitars evolve into what sounds like a self-contained band.

This 1998 recording is packed with great performances, including nimble versions of standards, like a ‘Night In Tunisia’ and ‘My Favourite Things’, while Andy contributes his original composition ‘Samba For Counting The Days’. The sombre ‘Django’ is an outstanding tribute to the master of jazz guitar and the Brazilian influence is heard on tunes like ‘Frevo’ and ‘Um Abraco No Bonfa’.


01. Frevo
02. Stone Flower
03. In Your Own Sweet Way
04. Um Abraco No Bonfa
05. Night In Tunisia
06. 1+2 Blues
07. Django
08. Stolen Moments
09. My Favourite Things
10. Samba For Counting The Days

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