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Sheet Music

Original album by 10cc, first time with non album singles as bonus tracks including ‘Wall Street Shuffle’ and ‘The Worst Band In The World’. Melody Maker commented on the release of ‘Sheet Music’: “These are tomorrow’s pop classics that make you so happy you could cry.”


01. The Wall Street Shuffle (03:54)
02. The Worst Band In The World (02:48)
03. Hotel (04:56)
04. Old Wild Men (03:19)
05. Clockwork Creep (02:44)
06. Silly Love (04:00)v
07. Somewhere in Hollywood (06:38)
08. Baron Samedi (03:44)
09. The Sacro-Iliac (02:32)
10. Oh Effendi (02:50)
11. Carat Man Of Means (03:28)
12. Gismo My Way (03:43)

Release Information

  • Catalogue Number: REP4843
  • Format: CD (Jewel Case)

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