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Original album by 10cc, first time with non-album singles as bonus tracks including ‘Rubber Bullets’ and ‘The Dean And I.’ The band impressed with a clever mix of satirical lyrics, hard rock parodies, Beatles quotes, cheeky pop elements and tricky arrangements.

Playboy magazine observed: “The true irony lies in the fact that 10cc make you believe everything that they in fact take the mickey out of - from the most frivolous clichés to deadly serious situations. That’s what you call total pop.”


01. Johnny Don’t Do It (03:38)
02. Sand In My Face (03:39)
03. Donna (02:55)
04. The Dean And I (03:05)
05. Headline hustler (03:33)
06. Speed Kills (03:50)
07. Rubber Bullets (05:16)
08. The Hospital Song (02:43)
09. Ships Don’t Disappear (Do They?) (03:06)
10. Fresh Air For My Mama (03:06)
11. Hot Rock Sun (03:01)
12. 4% Of Something (04:01)
13. Rubber Bullets (single version) (04:08)
14. Waterfall (03:43)
15. Bee In My Bonnet (02:01)

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  • Catalogue Number: REP4844
  • Format: CD (Jewel Case)

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